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Genomics Showcase

Date: November 5-8, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Location: Edmonton EXPO Centre, Hall C

This year’s Genomics Showcase will give you an idea about the latest technological advancements in genetic testing including interactive displays, activities and informative presentations which will demonstrate the importance of practical applications to producers and consumers.

Visit us and find out the answers to your questions about cattle production!

  • How does feed efficiency status of an animal influence its’ effect on the environment?
  • Is bull fertility different in feed efficient bulls compared to inefficient bulls?
  • Can we use DNA markers to identify the cattle that have more healthy fats in their meat?
  • Can the eye temperature of an animal be used to detect illness?
  • And many more!

This program is developed in collaboration with our dedicated partners including  Livestock Gentec at the University of Alberta and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

An added feature in our commercial show and sale is the addition of pens of 5 bred heifers that have been DNA tested. As part of our partnership with Livestock Gentec, and AARD, and the research community, these special pens of heifers only, in addition to being judged in the traditional visual inspection, will be evaluated on their genetic profiles. As part of the Genomics Showcase, these cattle provide producers with another method of evaluating replacement animals to improve the genetic base of their breeding programs and increase profit! There will also be the opportunity to purchase a pen of these DNA tested, bred heifers during the commercial sale on Saturday November 9. Make sure to check out The Yards at Northlands where the pens of bred heifers will be on display prior to the sale.